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  1. (1805 Peak) GO H.A.M. OR GO HOME: True Hyper Offense in OU

    I've used a similar hyper offensive team of dragons, and I have to say that they work quite well. Your team seems to be no exception. Nice work! Steels in the rain will be annoying to face, so I highly suggest you use Trick over Psyshock on Latios. It can cripple basically any threat to your...
  2. Help with main offensive OU team!

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  3. All out sweeping team (first time)

    Scyther seems the most replaceable. It simply lacks team support to pull off a sweep, and without swords dance, it's prone to physical walls such as bulky Gyarados, Skarmory etc. Even in the speed department, it can be revenge killed by nearly every Choice Scarf user, thanks to its poor bulk...
  4. All out sweeping team (first time)

    Just going to point out your main weakness, so here goes You have a simply colossal Stealth Rock weakness. Charizard - 4x weakness Scyther - 4x weakness Ninetales - 2x weakness Weaville - 2x weakness Since this is an offensive team, I highly suggest Xatu, since it can bounce all hazards back...
  5. Rate my Rain Dance/Baton Pass Team?

    ur title is somewhat misleading. You aren't using Rain Dance, and is more of a Quick Pass team than a dedicated Baton Pass team. I suggest u rename it to Rain/Quick Pass team.
  6. Let Flygons be Flygons (OU Rain Balance)

    I completely agree with the thing about Jolteon. He has awesome type synergy with your team and it is capable of revenge killing as well.
  7. Need help with Salamence Team

  8. Cheers! Here's the link:

    Cheers! Here's the link:
  9. If you could review my team, that would be great. Thanks.

    If you could review my team, that would be great. Thanks.
  10. Could you delete one of my RMT OU threads? I have two with a similar name regarding Salamence...

    Could you delete one of my RMT OU threads? I have two with a similar name regarding Salamence, and the one with a sad face on it was a draft I made by accident? Also, could you rate the team? Thanks a lot!
  11. First RMT. Needs some help

    About Terrakion You could try a sub SD set, so that Terrakion can avoid status. This'll give you a good chance to sweep against stall teams.
  12. Need help with Salamence Team

    DD Salamence!!! Hey there! Dragon Dance Salamence is among the top sweepers in the OU tier, and so with the right support, surely he must be unstoppable! I've been playing around with this team for a while now, and although Salamence has successfully pulled off a few sweeps, my team still has...
  13. DD Salamence Team!

    Thanks for the good reply! Due to Stealth Rock, I think Choice Scarf Rotom-W should be able to take care of Gengar, as well as outspeeding other massive threats to my team, such as Alakzam and Weaville.
  14. DD Salamence Team!

    Hey there! I'm relatively new to competitive battling, and since Salamence is one of the most beastly pokes in OU, I decided to make a team around him. I've been using this team for a few weeks, and any suggestions to improve it would help heaps! So here's the team: Gengar @ Black Sludge...